Joni Mitchell — “All I Want” (from Blue) — All

After weeks of dragging our feet, A and I finally caught up with summer 2010’s it-indie-film The Kids Are All Right last evening, and while I’ll refrain from boring you with the specifics of a formal review, let it suffice to say that A thought it was terrible, and I thought that even though the script (and the film’s premise and conceit in general) was seriously underdeveloped, the performances — particularly Mark Ruffalo’s as a free-spirit restaurateur-slash-accidental dad to a pair of teenagers — were uniformly exquisite. And if you’re asking yourself what in hell any of the above has to do with the incomparable Joni Mitchell and/or with today’s drop of honey from the hive: this tune — a diamond from one of the ten most important, most influential albums in the history of ever — turns up at a pivotal place in the film, and reminded me in a flash that I don’t pay nearly enough respect to the magnificent Ms. Mitchell here on the Buzz, and that’s just not acceptable.

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