the Buzz for August 2017


U2 — “Staring at the Sun” (from Pop) —

Because, duh. (Happy Total Eclipse Day, y’all, and please stay safe when you’re looking skyward this morning.)


Shanice — “I Love Your Smile” (from The Ultimate Collection) —

“I wanted to have a hook that, even if you don’t speak English — if you’re from Nigeria, or wherever you are — that’s your jam.”

— songwriter and producer Narada Michael Walden, speaking to TVOne’s Unsung about the bubbly, instantly iconic vocal hook at the core of Shanice’s breakthrough 1991 smash. (This tune’s effervescent innocence feels like it belongs to an entire other age from the one we currently inhabit, but, be it on the radio or in a random iPod shuffle, this jam never fails to improve my humor whenever I stumble across it.)