Serena Ryder — “Mary Go Round” (from Harmony) —

The force behind one of 2013’s most thrilling triumphs, the riveting Ryder stole the show at this past weekend’s Juno Awards (Canada’s answer to the Grammys), walking away with trophies for Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. (One of the tunes for which she wound up in the winner’s circle was her staggering smash “Stompa” — whose praises I pumped to the heavens in this very space last fall — so if you think I in any way quibble with these award choices, you’re officially nuts.) As is true of a number of Canadian singer/songwriters whose names don’t start with the syllables “Sarah Mack” (hi, Jann Arden; hey, Chantal Kreviazuk), we at the Buzz are still waiting — patiently — for ‘Murrica to wake up and make this gal the supastar she so richly deserves to be; in the meantime, we’re letting the act of digging into the heart of Serena’s brilliant breakthrough album its own reward.

2 responses to “what could go wrong
(or: april 1’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from A.:

    Wow! Two posts in a row! I am so happy to see that Honey From the Hive is back! But who (or what ) the hell is “‘Murrica”?

    I really do hope that the new Tori Amos CD is good. I’d love to hear her live (but only of the music is not too, too strange).

  2. the buzz from brandon:

    ‘Murrica is how we redneck Texans sometimes refer to the country we live in. (Put the syllabic emphasis on the first part (as in “Erica”) and not the second (as in “Eureka”) and it’ll maybe make more sense.)

    Re: Tori — strange is what she does. The Amos spectrum ranges from “moderately weird” to “full-on batshit nuts.” I, too, am looking forward to seeing where exactly Geraldines falls within that metric.