the Buzz for August 1st, 2010


If you missed any of last week’s tunes, a quick recap:

MONDAY: Julia Fordham — “East West” (from Collection) — East

TUESDAY: Tori Amos — “Jackie’s Strength”
(from From the Choirgirl Hotel) — Jackie's

WEDNESDAY: Sugarland — “Stuck Like Glue”
(from The Incredible Machine) — Stuck

THURSDAY: Semisonic — “Gone to the Movies”
(from Feeling Strangely Fine) — Gone

FRIDAY: David Mead — “World of a King”
(from The Luxury of Time) — World

SATURDAY: Res — “They-Say Vision” (from How I Do) — They-Say

SUNDAY: Bette Midler — “All I Need to Know” (from No Frills) — All


Bette Midler — “All I Need to Know” (from No Frills) — All

Years after the Divine Miss M tackled this chestnut, Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville reworked a couple of its verses, renamed it
“Don’t Know Much,” and won a boatload of Grammys (and reignited both of their careers, natch) with the resulting smash. But I’ll go ahead and cop to the fact that I’ve always preferred Midler’s rawer, more organic take on this material: stripped entirely of the attention-stealing bells and whistles that had marked her music to that point, Bette crawls inside these words and finds the naked power pulsing beneath them. An unjustly ignored classic.