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Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton — “You Can’t Make Old Friends”
(from You Can’t Make Old Friends) —

Thirty years, precisely to the month, since an innocuous little Bee Gees ditty called “Islands in the Stream” shot to the top of urry chart and helped cement Kenny and Dolly — the (never-were-a-)couple with enough combustible chemistry to burn down a thousand laboratories — as worldwide superstars, the pair have reunited on the slightly sappy lead single from Rogers’ first studio album in nearly a decade. You might argue they had stronger material the first time around, and you might be right, but there’s no denying that old black magic — whatever odd alchemy develops betwixt these two whenever they share the same space — hasn’t faded one damn milligram. These two voices, blended in sweet, stirring harmony? Still money, honey.