the Buzz for August 10th, 2010



Kenny Chesney — “The Boys of Fall”
(from Hemingway’s Whiskey) — The

Fountains of Wayne — “All Kinds of Time”
(from Welcome Interstate Managers) — All

Are you ready for some football? It’s that time of year again, time to dig into the closet and get out your favorite player’s jersey and foam finger (and, if you’re a Packers fanatic, that ginormous cheese head). And to kick off the pigskin season right: a pair of songs about what in my part of the world isn’t just a sport, but a way of life. Initially, I wasn’t that crazy about the new Kenny Chesney single, until I saw its ten-minute videoclip, which chronicles the football player’s journey from pee-wee to the NFL, and which features everyone from Brett Favre to Peyton Manning. I will admit I teared up at the end hearing the pros talk about the joy that they feel in watching little boys play the game just for the sheer pleasure of it, and encouraging them to dream big without losing sight of that feeling. “All Kinds of Time” tells the story of a young quarterback and what goes through his mind in the mere seconds between the drop back from center and the pass. He envisions his family crowded around the TV watching him make the big play, and then he sees his target and completes the pass. So with that, let me wish my Redskins, Longhorns, and Comanches the best of luck this season! (Oh yeah, and don’t forget Brandon’s Colts either!)
[EDITOR’S NOTE: Damn right, don’t forget those Colts! If you hadn’t typed that, I would’ve done it for you!)