the Buzz for August 7th, 2010


W.G. Snuffy Walden — “Friday Night Lights Main Title Theme”
(from Friday Night Lights, Vol. 2 [Original Television Soundtrack]) — Friday

Yours truly is spending some time in the Texas Panhandle this week, checking in on various family and friends, and while here, I popped into my hometown record store last night and, to my great surprise, ran across this second volume of music from one of the great television series of the past decade, NBC’s utterly exemplary Friday Night Lights (which returns this fall for its fifth and final season). Theretofore, I had no idea this collection of music even existed — even though iTunes claims it was released all the way back in May, for the love! — but I won’t quibble, if only because this album contains an official version of the program’s extraordinary title theme, a knockout instrumental piece that is, at long last, commercially available for the first time ever. Think me crazy if you must, but if ever a forty-some-second TV theme song deserved “song of the day” status, trust me when I tell you it’s this one.