the Buzz for August 16th, 2010


Tracey Thorn — “Oh, the Divorces!” (from Love and its Opposite) — Oh,

My vacation last week was thoroughly lovely, but I have been positively itching to return to the Buzz (love ya, Sherry Ann), and I can’t think of a woman I’d rather return with than the gorgeously gifted Thorn, who, as far as flawlessly refined, finely etched stylists go, has nary a peer. (Rolling Stone‘s Rob Sheffield once proclaimed that she could sing the shell off an M&M.) And in this new hyper-saturated celebrity culture through which we’re all attempting to negotiate our way (to say nothing of that scary “sanctity of marriage” debate that has stampeded back into the national conversation in the last week or so), her bittersweet musings on the shaky marital affairs of those we know (and those we think we know) couldn’t be more relevant. Or more strangely moving. Or more satisfying.