the Buzz for August 4th, 2010


George Michael — “Jesus to a Child” (from Older) — Jesus

True story: last night, A and I tore up our local liquor store in search of the makings of a perfect margarita — I recently picked up one of those cool-ass Ninja blenders at Sam’s Club, and I had been dying to put to the test the claims of the frighteningly excitable infomercial hosts that this machine was literally made for flawlessly frothy frozen drinks — and while we were walking the aisles and deciding which tequila would be accompanying us home, the store’s PA system played, in rapid fire succession, bang-bang-bang: my favorite Dire Straits song, my favorite John Mayer song, and this, one of my three favorite George Michael songs. I instantly commenced singing along with George, out loud, right there in the store before God and urryone — bad habit, that — and was again blown away by the bittersweet simplicity of this glorious masterstroke of a tune. (And holy God, that gorgeous video, one of the five best clips I’ve seen in the whole of my life!) Absolutely transcendent, even fourteen years after the fact. (Incidentally, we went with Cuervo — Jose, you really are a friend of mine — and the margaritas were not short of magnificent.)