Lee Ann Womack — “I’ll Think of a Reason Later”
(from Some Things I Know) — I'll

Joey + Rory — “Cheater, Cheater” (from The Life of a Song) — Cheater,

I was reviewing this week’s posts and most of them are downright depressing, so today we switch gears with two country ladies that can (and will) tell you how the cow ate the cabbage in two of the funniest songs that I have ever heard. The brilliant Lee Ann Womack nails to the wall that feeling of you don’t want him, but you don’t want some perky girl from Denver to have him either, while Joey + Rory take the more direct approach with an anthem for jilted women everywhere that expresses everything you wish you had the presence of mind to say to his face as you’re throwing his crap out onto the front lawn. So take her pictures, black out her teeth with a marker, and then wish her well as she rots in hell, and have a good belly laugh enjoying today’s tunes.

2 responses to “did i mention i don’t particularly care for her?
(or: august 12’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from Blake Boldt:

    Lee Ann Womack has been largely abandoned by corporate country radio (she makes country music, after all), but she remains one of this era’s brightest talents and I believe her place in history is assured despite her struggles commercially. She’s a sucker for the sad ballad, but I wish she would show off more of her wicked humor on future recordings. I’ve met her and she’s a real treat.

  2. the buzz from A.:

    Lee Ann Womack’s “I’ll Think of a Reason Later” is hilarious, though it did take a little while to get through to me; somehow it reminds me of Blake Shelton’s “Playboys of the Southwestern World.” For another Lee Ann Womack tune (this time a bit more serious), I highly recommend
    “Solitary Thinkin’.”