Cary Brothers — “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”
(from Under Control) — Can't

Joshua Radin — “What If You” (from We Were Here) — What

Today we tackle men and other catastrophes, with a pair of sad songs from two pretty boys who blame themselves for the end of their respective relationships. Brothers’ tune — my favorite track from his most recent record — is a beautifully haunted ballad about confessing your infidelities to the one you love. (If this one doesn’t make you a believer in the brilliance of Cary Brothers, check out the impromptu acoustic version of his classic “Ride”
which he dedicated to yours truly last May during a delightful interview on Brandon’s Buzz Radio.) And Brothers’ good pal Joshua Radin turns in a tale of a couple that knows it’s over between them but need one final night together to seal the deal. In both songs, the guys admit that they were wrong, that they have issues, and that the best thing to do, probably, is walk away.
Where is Dr. Phil when you need him?!

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