If you missed any of last week’s tunes, below is a quick recap. (And if you haven’t the foggiest clue what any of this is even about, you can get up to speed right here.)


MONDAY: Lee Brice — “Love Like Crazy” (from Love Like Crazy) — Love


TUESDAY: Tasmin Archer — “One More Good Night With the Boys”
(from Bloom) — One


WEDNESDAY: George Michael — “Jesus to a Child” (from Older) — Jesus


THURSDAY: Jerry Reed — “When You’re Hot, You’re Hot”
(from The Essential Jerry Reed) — When


FRIDAY: Macy Gray (featuring Velvet Revolver) — “Kissed It”
(from The Sellout) — Kissed


SATURDAY: W.G. Snuffy Walden — “Friday Night Lights Main Title Theme”
(from Friday Night Lights, Vol. 2 [Original Television Soundtrack]) — Friday


SUNDAY: Nick Drake — “Time Has Told Me” (from Way to Blue) — Time

Kelly Willis — “Time Has Told Me” (from What I Deserve)Time

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