Tasmin Archer — “One More Good Night With the Boys”
(from Bloom) — One

If the conversation at any future gathering ever veers toward Brit chicks who should have become much bigger stars stateside, Tasmin’s name had better be the first one to come flying from your mouth. A brilliant melange of Seal and Sade (the artists to whom she has most often been compared over the years), possessing the innately crystalline beauty of her music combined with the omnipresent social conscience of his, the astonishing Archer threw a continuing series of bold swings throughout the ’90s (taking swipes at industry, commerce, and religion; doing Elvis Costello better than Elvis Costello; proving definitively that pop music doesn’t have to be by necessity an intellectual wasteland), and with this gorgeous glimpse at masculinity in the modern world, she ended up topping even her own elegant ambitions. A total triumph.

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