Kate Rusby — “The Wild Goose” (from Sleepless) — The Wild Goose - Sleepless

Looking for a little bit of relief from the horrendously unamusing asswhipping that those irritating San Diego Chargers delivered unto my beloved Indianapolis Colts last night on Sunday Night Football, I flipped over to CBS for a bit during the game’s devastating third quarter to sneak a peek at the terrific Sarah Paulson — Harriet Hayes from Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, y’all — acting her astounding heart out in November Christmas, the latest teleflick offering from the prestigious Hallmark Hall of Fame. (Don’t know what the movie was even about, nor do I terribly care, but if Paulson is involved, I’m in, every day of the week.) This song was playing over the lone scene I watched, and, for a fleeting moment, I was riveted and ravished: Rusby grabs hold of a rowdy old sea shanty and unearths the purity of spirit inside its core, transforming this tale of a young boy’s desire for a flip girl who’ll never requite it into a wrenchingly ethereal heartbreaker for the ages. Four minutes of smooth, transcendent magic.

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