the Buzz for November 30th, 2010


Soul II Soul (featuring Caron Wheeler)
“Back to Life (However Do You Want Me)” (from Keep On Movin’) — Back to Life (However Do You Want Me) - Club Classics Vol. One: 10th Anniversary Edition

I had to drive eight hours round trip for work yesterday, so suffice to say, there was lots of iPod shuffling goin’ on, and this classic from 1989 was one of the chestnuts that popped up. I hadn’t heard this in eons (and I reckon you haven’t either), but damn if I wasn’t jamming along within seconds anyhow: one of the first bona-fide club smashes to cross over to the pop charts, no less a connoisseur than George Michael loved this song so much he remixed his own hit “Freedom ’90” to sample it. (Am I nuts, or can you trace the rise of the modern hip hop movement all the way back to this tune’s explosive crossover success?)