the Buzz for November 21st, 2010


Access Hollywood‘s Shaun Robinson pre-empted the hive today, but if you missed any of the rest of last week’s tunes, you can find a quick recap below:

MONDAY: Jerrod Niemann — “What Do You Want”
(from Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury) — What Do You Want - Judge Jerrod & The Hung Jury

TUESDAY: Patrice Pike and the Black Box Rebellion — “Miss Ramona”
(from Fencing Under Fire) — Ms. Ramona - fencing Under Fire

WEDNESDAY: Joni Mitchell — “If I Had a Heart” (from Shine) — If I Had a Heart - Shine

THURSDAY: the cast of Glee (featuring Gwyneth Paltrow)
“Forget You” (from Glee, The Music: Volume 4) — Forget You (Glee Cast Version) [feat. Gwyneth Paltrow] - Forget You (Glee Cast Version) [feat. Gwyneth Paltrow] - Single

FRIDAY: Cowboy Junkies — “Hollow as a Bone”
(from Miles From Our Home) — Hollow As a Bone - Miles from Our Home

SATURDAY: Lee DeWyze — “Me and My Jealousy”
(from Live It Up) — Me and My Jealousy - Live It Up