the Buzz for November 1st, 2010


Everything But the Girl — “Apron Strings [live]” (from Acoustic) — Apron Strings (Live) - Acoustic

The other night on Jeopardy! an answer popped up about “apron strings” and how they correlate metaphorically with a mother’s love, and A — ever the master of adorably mangled English idioms — announced he had never heard this expression theretofore. Because the above is one of my favorite songs ever, I had heard of the notion, and am thrilled to have a shattering piece of music to help enlighten my beloved. Ben Watt ably supports the ravishingly terrific Tracey Thorn — obliterating any doubts that these two are the most beautiful blend of British brilliance since Dave and Annie — in bringing to quiet, gently harrowing life this tale of a young woman’s desperation to have a child to call her own.