Lee DeWyze — “Me and My Jealousy” (from Live It Up) — Me and My Jealousy - Live It Up

In terms of pure unrefined talent, Mr. DeWyze was the strongest Idol winner to come down the pike since Carrie (if not Kelly, and please don’t send me letters trying to sway me toward Jordin or Taylor!). So it crushes me, verily, to see that talent being largely squandered on Lee’s major label debut Live It Up, the first few songs of which force their performer to shamelessly (and, clearly, uncomfortably) ape Sherry Ann’s boho hero Jason Mraz (as though, at one, the world doesn’t already have enough of those!), even though, practically to a performance, all of DeWyze’s standout moments on the show last season — his riveting riff on Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars,” or his soul-shaking take on Paul Simon’s “The Boxer,” or his epic, electrifying showdown with Crystal on “Falling Slowly,” the magically magnificent title theme from Once — found him in full-on angst-ridden, get-on-that-stage-and-bleed mode. Live blessedly picks up around its midpoint, as Lee stumbles toward his comfort zone with tunes like “Jealousy,” a mournful ode to the one that he regrets he let slip away.

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  1. the buzz from Rebecca:

    You are exactly right here. Lee has so much talent that RCA chose not to use and instead produced his songs to sound like everybody else. Why they didn’t go with that raspy, rough Lee DeWyze voice and vibe we fell in love with on Idol is a mystery. What a waste. I only hope Lee can get some radio play to sell the album and that some label gives him chance to record a 2nd album his way. Check out the live performance of “Beautiful Like You” and “Earth Stood Still” on the Walmart Soundcheck video to see what kind of album we could have gotten from Lee had they let him direct the production with a real band.