Patrice Pike and the Black Box Rebellion — “Miss Ramona”
(from Fencing Under Fire) — Ms. Ramona - fencing Under Fire

I reckon if Pat Benatar and Mick Jagger ever conceived a child, the bew-tee-full baby’d grow up to be something jus’ like Pike, a beautifully brusque vocalist steeped in old-school soul but laced through and through with the badass bravado of the rockers she must have grown up admiring. Pike is best known for her wicked work as the leader of Sister 7, an astoundingly fine Austin band which was headed for the big leagues at the turn of the century until they got lost in the chaos of an executive shuffle at their record company, Arista, and I was heartbroken to discover that my three favorite Sister songs are still not available on iTunes (what gives, Steve?!). So the hive is forced (twist my arm!) to go with “Ramona,” a brilliant, balls-out standout jam from Pike’s first post-Sister project. I dare you to be disappointed.

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