Dar Williams — “Closer to Me”
(from The Beauty of the Rain) — Closer to Me - The Beauty of the Rain

I spent much of the morning and afternoon lollygagging around San Antonio with A, and had not the foresight to schedule a dispatch from the hive before I left, which is why this is getting so posted so late this evening. (Dreadful sorry!) Sherry Ann introduced me to Williams thirteen years ago — she literally called me up and insisted that I go buy her latest record (which is one of those things that is cute when I do it, but a little mystifying when I’m on the receiving end), and my obedience resulted in the discovery of one of modern folk’s true, unique talents. Most of Dar’s material consists of inward reflections of her own tortured spirit, but here, she turns her gaze to a lover, daring him to dream big, and to set foot outside the invisible confines of his own settled soul.

2 responses to “taj mahal, cameroon, back in time, to the moon
(or: november 12’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from A.:

    What on Earth was the Buzz thinking? “Are You Out There” is so much better!

  2. the buzz from brandon:

    I one hundred percent agree with you; that is my favorite Dar song ever (and, indeed, is the tune that incited Sherry Ann to call me up with the recommendation after she had heard it on the radio). But I heard “Closer to Me” while driving home today; I hadn’t played it in a long while, and I was pleasantly surprised to remember, after all this time, how pretty a tune it remains. (Thanks for keeping me on my toes, though!)