So, I spent a goodly portion of the day on Facebook chatting with a couple of high school friends of mine, and while I was there, I stopped over to check in with my buddy Chip, who was my very first Facebook friend. After writing on his “Wall,” a strange, mesmerizing application on his page entitled “Pieces of Flair” hijacked my attention. If you’re a Facebook newbie, I’ll try my best to describe this application: you get a blank brown square that uncannily resembles a bulletin board, and on this board, you get the opportunity to attach “buttons.” There are literally millions of buttons to choose from, which contain all manner of pictures, sayings, and images.  (There are buttons for EVERYTHING, I’m telling you!  So far, my board has buttons for “Designing Women” and Catherine and Vincent, as well as a humorous one about the staggering price of gasoline, and a sweet one with two hands joining to form the shape of a heart.  But there are buttons for George Michael, Tori Amos, “Friday Night Lights,” and EVERYTHING else you can think of!  (Even “One Tree Hill” buttons, Sherry Ann!)  And, you can upload photos and create your own buttons!)


Below:  a sample board, filled:


And, what mine looks like as of an hour ago (note — Facebook has this dopey rule that you can only acquire three buttons per twenty-four hours; I guess that’s so obsessive-compulsive freaks like me won’t burn up a whole frickin’ day filling up bulletin boards!):


Basically, I find this to be the most breathtakingly brilliant idea I’ve ever seen — I kid you not, there are buttons for EVERYTHING!! — and I’m currently combing the ‘net looking for a non-Facebook-related facsimile of this concept that I can adapt for the Buzz.  I swear to Jesus, if I ever find one (or figure out a way to build one!), I will fill this damned site with my bulletin board.


If anyone out there knows where I can find this (paging you, Mike!), please don’t hesitate to hit me up.  Please.  In this instance (and for this slice of chilling genius), I’m not above groveling.


2 responses to “cute as a button”

  1. the buzz from A.:

    This brings to mind Office Space.

  2. the buzz from J.B.:

    You need more flare, A!