the Buzz for September 18th, 2008


The flair board is slowly but surely filling itself in.  Latest additions:  a quartet of buttons I constructed with my own ingenuity — three of them featuring my all-time favorite soap actress Laura Wright (who became a star on “Guiding Light” and is now setting Port Chuckles on fire over at “General Hospital”), and one of them, a brilliant rendition of my beloved Stop the Insanity-era Susan Powter; buttons for two of my all-time favorite television personalities (Judge Judy and Tom Snyder) and films (The Silence of the Lambs and Dancer, Texas, Pop. 81); a tribute to Tetris, the greatest video game in the history of home entertainment, and to Rent, which just exited the Great White Way after a historic twelve year run; a gorgeously stylized shot of fingers tickling the ivories (I’ve always had this thing for piano players; sue me); the lovely Miss Bonnie Tyler (just looking at that photo makes me want to scream in my finest rasp, “You’re such a pretty boy / lemme tell you what to do / and you’ll do it!” ); a hilarious button which offers optimistic hope for the future**; and finally, the patented Buzz button, whose creator won’t rest until he sees it front and center on every last Facebook corkboard.


my flair


** “I dream of a better world where chickens can cross roads without having their motives questioned.”