the Buzz for September 29th, 2008


A yelled at me in a tersely-worded email this morning about the fact that I haven’t displayed my flair board in over a week.  So, without further ado, the recent additions:  down in the southeast corner, buttons for good ol’ numbers 11 and 18 (my two favorite quarterbacks ever); one hell of a triumvirate of female songwriters — Joni, Annie, and Patty, no last names needed — makes a (forgive me, belated) flair debut; a special button for my buddy Cris Collinsworth, whose sarcastic, brilliantly tossed asides singlehandedly make NBC’s NFL highlights show “Football Night in America” worth watching; and, finally, a painfully gorgeous heart.  (If you can’t tell what it’s made of, I’ll give you two hints:  it’s the finest portable music device ever invented, and it rhymes with “hi-Flod.”)