the Buzz for September 30th, 2008



A historic live project from the queen of my heart is only one of this crowded week’s significant releases. Gentlemen, start your engines:


His debut disc — 2003’s flop A Beautiful World — sure didn’t make any waves, but a new reality emerged post-“SexyBack,” one in which criminally photogenic young men with preternaturally high voices and an immutable passion for synthesized soul could become megastars at the drop of an acutely tailored fedora.  And so it was decreed that Robin Thicke‘s sophomore record, The Evolution of Robin Thicke, would make him an overnight sensation. (Oh yeah, and a killer single — the irresistibly cheesy “Lost Without U” — plus the Oprah stamp of approval, didn’t hurt nothin’.) Thicke took his time crafting album number three, but we finally get a taste of Something Else this week.