Adele — “Turning Tables” (from 21) — Turning Tables - 21

Years ago, in one of her all-time funniest observations, the brilliant Sherry Ann put forth a theory that George Michael must be from the classy, upper-crust area of Great Britain (because his accent is so gracefully refined and silky-smooth), and the Spice Girls must be from the dowdy, trailer-park area of the country (because, literally to a woman, their accents — at least back in the day — were always so screechy and nausea-inducing). And watching Matt Lauer’s interview with Adele that ran in prime-time last night on NBC (and, of course, flashing back on her Grammy-night coronation last February), I was struck dumb by the stunning disparity that exists between her singing voice and her speaking one, and left to wonder how on earth they can both spring from the same set of pipes. (Incidentally, if you ever run into Sherry Ann on the street, don’t let her slip away before getting her to unleash her oughta-be-world-famous Spice Girls impression; she does a virulently spot-on recitation of the hilarious “Anybody got any pay-puh?!” bit of dialogue from the otherwise regrettable Spiceworld film, and it’s easily among the top three funniest things I’ve ever heard.)

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