the Buzz for June 1st, 2012


Adam Lambert — “Pop That Lock” (from Trespassing) — Pop That Lock - Trespassing (Deluxe Version)

On his just-released sophomore album, thankfully for us all, Lambert has dialed back the screeching banshee shtick that made him an instant favorite on American Idol three seasons ago, even as he has grown much more mischievously adventurous with his subject matter. (As blatant sexual metaphors go, this one’s fairly tame when stacked up next to Christina blathering on about her woohoo a couple of summers ago, or even the ever-scintillating invitation to stand under Rihanna’s umba-relly, but — dig this dude or not — isn’t there something rather viciously refreshing about the fact of a young, openly gay man crafting an entire album about, essentially, getting his, uh, groove on and sending said album straight to the top of the charts?)