the Buzz for June 30th, 2012


The Newbeats — “Bread and Butter”
(from The Imus Ranch Record II) — Bread and Butter - The Imus Ranch Record II

“Oh God, I don’t know. I think about it though. And I absolutely think about, you know, things like: the importance of eating bread while you’re at my age, because we’re all trying so hard to be thin, you know? We’re all trying so hard to be healthy and thin, in an era where there is the greatest bread in the world. We have never had bread like this, in America or anywhere else! In New York, in L.A. today, you can get bread that’s as good as the bread in Paris! And we should not avoid it, because it might not be what we die from: too much bread.”

— the late great screenwriter / director / essayist Nora Ephron — who passed away earlier this week at age 71 following a largely silent bout with leukemia — speaking with Charlie Rose in 2006. (The question Rose posed which prompted Nora’s brilliant digression: “What do you think will be the first line of your obituary?” And I’m not sure why I found Ephron’s response to be so touching and so powerfully amusing, except that I happen to share my life with a man who I’d wager can very nearly count on one hand the things in this world he reveres more than a quality hunk of warm, freshly-baked bread, so I can at least kinda sorta understand the origins of her relatively singular line of thinking. Fare thee well, Nora, and nothing but best wishes to your friends and family.)