the Buzz for June 16th, 2012


Jason Mraz — “I Won’t Give Up”
(from Love is a Four Letter Word) — I Won't Give Up - Love Is a Four Letter Word (Deluxe Version)

You well know I try like hell to keep this space a Mraz-free zone, but I owe Sherry Ann one, because I very nearly forgot her birthday yesterday, and she always looks forward to her annual tribute here on the Buzz. (In my defense, I had a wild and woolly week at work, and while I had seen it coming on the calendar earlier in the week, the significance of the date almost got lost in the hectic shuffle. She should take heart, though: I also missed my mother’s birthday last month, and it didn’t dawn on me for a full two weeks, so this really isn’t so bad at all by comparison.) So much love from A and me (and 70,000 of your closest friends here on the Buzz!), Sherry Ann, and here’s hoping you have a magnificent day after your birthday.