who says you can’t go home

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“There was a dry spell for a number of years in this last decade… it seemed as though the fuel had run out. Radio stations are all so fragmented; the opportunity to purchase music in a place where we as young men had that chance to look on a sleeve and make a judgment call based on the artwork, the song titles, the credits, the pictures, your imagination…. Now, you’ll have a radio station that plays fifteen songs that all sound the same from disposable artists because that radio station only caters to this audience. The voice of the [disc jockey] who created my being isn’t as influential as it once was. The concept of touring and having an opportunity to do three records before you break has changed…. But I think — I hope — that there’s an opportunity for a rebound in things like YouTube, and that a kid doesn’t need a record deal, like I did, to get his music out there. He could start it on a viral kind of plane. I’m seeing some sparks leading back to that idea, and my hope is that it will happen.”

— rock god Jon Bon Jovi, waxing nostalgically for the past (and optimistically for the future) a few weeks back on Oprah Winfrey Network’s highly engaging series Master Class. (I could think of no more apropos a quotation to honor this still-quite-young Record Store Day, and seeing as there is still loads of daylight left on this Saturday, you’ve still got lots o’ time to get out there smother your soul with music, the old-fashioned way. Trust me: you’ll thank me tomorrow.)

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