the Buzz for April 8th, 2012


Paul Simon — “Born at the Right Time”
(from The Essential Paul Simon) — Born At the Right Time - The Essential Paul Simon

The stork dropped off my little four-pound, three-ounce nephew, John David Stover, first thing Friday morning, and even though he made his arrival on this old cold floating rock a full two months ahead of schedule, by all accounts, medical and otherwise, he (and, for that matter, mom, who must be at least a little relieved that her nightmarish pregnancy has reached its seemingly merciful conclusion) is none the worse for wear. And the fact that he springs from tenaciously stubborn stock will no doubt serve this little guy well over the next few weeks as he fights to grow stronger and overcome whatever obstacles his early birth will throw his way. (As scary and nerve-wracking as the past few days have been mentally preparing for all the possible outcomes of this blessed event, the situation was not nearly as dire this time around as it was back in mid-February, when for a couple of harrowing days, it looked as though he was going to have to be yanked from his mother’s womb at less than half of his current weight.) Not even remotely could I be considered a religious person, but I choose to believe that the fact that this child was born on Good Friday can only portend great things for his future, and even though John David had the incredible misfortune to be thrust into a world that seems to only grow more insane by the second, his Uncle Brandon hereby pledges to fill his life with as much love, as many brilliant ink pens, as much literature, and as much magnificent music as his brave little heart can hold. (And if you happen to see fit to fling a prayer or two up into the ether for this beautiful boy, I promise you we’ll take all the goodwill we can get on this one.)