the Buzz for April 12th, 2012


Jann Arden — “Counterfeit Heart” (from Uncover Me) — Counterfeit Heart - Uncover Me

In her native Canada, the astoundingly gifted Arden — best known in these parts for her stunning 1996 smash “Insensitive” and singularly responsible, in the last decade and then some, for some of the best music you haven’t heard — has just released a worthy sequel to her compelling 2007 covers project, but good luck finding it on this side of the Great Lakes. (I managed to track a copy down on eBay a few weeks ago, and paid through the nose for the privilege.) Too bad, too, because just as with volume one, Uncover Me 2 is punctuated by an Arden original — this time around, a collaboration with American country band SheDaisy — that is so brilliantly intoxicating, I can’t stop listening to it. And trust: I would write more about it if only it were available for sale in the States (which it almost certainly will be at some point, as Arden’s record company Universal tends to sneak her music into the iTunes store months after their initial physical release, so watch this space). So instead, I will just point your ears back to the original Uncover, and to a wistfully wrenching original tune that fits in beautifully with Arden’s own spin on classic hits from the likes of Janis Ian, Carly Simon, and Dusty Springfield.