Gin Wigmore — “Dying Day” (from Holy Smoke) — Dying Day - Holy Smoke

My beloved Ms. Wigmore lands the song of the day today because: a) I just love this kooky (and improbably powerful) little tune, still and every bit as much as I did the first time I heard it; and b) I just read that today is the final official day of production for ABC’s classic soap opera All My Children, which wraps its television run on Friday, September 23, just a few months shy of its forty-second birthday, and this song just feels strangely appropriate for marking such an occasion. (True enough, Children, along with sister show One Life to Live, is slated to continue as a web-based series with new full-length episodes — via a revolutionary deal with a production company called Prospect Park — beginning next January, but it feels highly likely that, whatever form the show happens to take in its new incarnation, it will look, seem, and feel radically different from the daytime drama that we’ve known and loved for four-plus decades. We soap fans have a right to feel sad today.) (And, Lord love a duck, don’t even get me started on how wrenched and rolled I know I’m gonna feel in a few months when it’s curtain-call time for my forever-favorite show, One Life, which is slated to complete filming around Thanksgiving and its television run in mid-January. The mere thought of it is enough to make me want to crawl under my desk and bawl like a babe.)

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