the Buzz for August 16th, 2011


Michelle Branch — “Crazy Ride”
(from Everything Comes and Goes) — Crazy Ride - Everything Comes and Goes - EP

Not at all to say that I haven’t immensely enjoyed her extended detour into decidedly crunchy territory, or that said detour hasn’t produced some material that is quite striking in its own right — allow me to offer up this sweet tune, an unfailingly optimistic lullaby for her daughter, as exhibit A, and let me additionally entreat you to not overlook the largely stupendous work she turned in as one-half of short-lived Nashville duo The Wreckers — but I know I can’t be the only one thrilled beyond expression that the bold, brilliant Branch is finally coming home to the pop world this fall after an excruciatingly long eight-year hiatus. (For you uninitiated, Branch’s fabulous first two albums — 2001’s The Spirit Room and 2003’s Hotel Paper — might just be the two finest pop records of the decade (yeah I said it!), and if what I’ve heard so far from September’s West Coast Time is any indication, it sounds like my girl’s just itching to pick up right where she left off.)