the Buzz for August 28th, 2011


Oleta Adams — “I Just Had to Hear Your Voice”
(from The Very Best of Oleta Adams) — I Just Had to Hear Your Voice - The Very Best of Oleta Adams

Lady Aretha — who is a force of nature and in her own lane, cleanly and clearly — obviously excepted, when it comes to those pure soul divas of, shall we say, a certain age and level of élan and expertise (which is to say: sorry, Rihanna, but you’re not in this one, girl), they tend — at least to my highly trained ear(s) — to fall into two categories: the astonishingly gifted Adams in one corner, and everybody else in the other. (I had the profound pleasure of welcoming Miss Oleta to Brandon’s Buzz Radio a couple of years ago, and if you missed that career-spanning conversation, I highly recommend you catch up with it here.)