the Buzz for August 31st, 2011


Sinead O’Connor — “Success Has Made a Failure of Our Home”
(from So Far: The Best of Sinead O’Connor) — Success Has Made a Failure of Our Home - So Far... The Best of Sinéad O'Connor

Oh, Sinead. My sweet, sweet Sinead. Sinead, Sinead, Sinead! Darling, I wrote in this very space back in April — in a profoundly sincere, extremely heartfelt plea intended to help you to recapture at least some of your dignity (to say nothing of your good sense, boo!) — that it was long past time to release the crazy and head on back to the land of sane and rational thought and judgment, and you respond by pulling crap like this?! By unloosing relentlessly goofy statements like this upon an unsuspecting public that I force myself to believe wants desperately to like you, honey! Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, have you just flipped it, woman?! (Suffice to say, I doubt seriously that I’ll be able to stroll through the produce section at Whole Foods and look at a poor, innocent sweet potato the same way ever again, and, if for nothing else but that, I don’t know if or how I’ll ever be able to forgive you.)