The Cure — “Pictures of You”
(from Galore [The Singles 1987-1997]) — Pictures of You - Galore

Over the weekend, I happened to get myself sucked into Pedro, the surprisingly moving docudrama that MTV made of one of its own pioneering reality stars — The Real World: San Francisco‘s Pedro Zamora — a couple of years ago. (Credit the quality of this film to the screenplay, courtesy of Milk‘s Academy Award-winning writer Dustin Lance Black, and to Alex Loynaz’s incendiary lead performance in the title role.) This song plays over a rather mesmerizing romantic scene in the movie, and of course I immediately thought of Sherry Ann (the biggest Cure fan I know), who will no doubt feel a little smile in her heart when she discovers that her beloved band has finally given the Buzz its song of the day.

2 responses to “if only i’d thought of the right words
(or: august 17’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from Sherry Ann:


  2. the buzz from brandon:

    I knew that would draw a reaction! 🙂