Cyndi Lauper — “A Part Hate” (from Hat Full of Stars) — A

With all this hand-wringing over bullying (cyber- and otherwise), the horrifying recent rash of gay-related teen suicides, and the monumentally silly fight over Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell — c’mon Congress, we’re fighting two wars and counting, and we maintain military presences in dozens of other places around the world, so if folks are willing to fight and die for the sake of freedoms they can’t, as it now stands, even fully enjoy, they ought to have the right to get hot and heavy with a horny hippopotamus if they’re so inclined, without it being an ounce of your fucking business! — the topic of civil rights has stormed back to the forefront of the national conversation. (Doesn’t it figure, then, that — what, with a wacky witch running for the United States Senate and an illiterate Alaskan seriously pondering a presidential run — plain ol’ horse sense hasn’t?) Couching her message inside a fun, bopping beat (love that harmonica!), Lauper bravely rises to remind us — how funny that the collective we constantly seem to need it — that all radical change ever requires is one person deciding the time is now. (Incidentally, if you’re not otherwise booked later this evening, head on over to Brandon’s Buzz Radio at 9pm EDT for a special live chat with We Love Soaps’ main man Damon L. Jacobs, who is stopping by the show to discuss all of the above, as well as to preview his third annual “Give Up Your Shoulds” Day, which is taking place on November 1.)

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