the Buzz for October 31st, 2010


If you missed any of last week’s tunes, below is a quick recap:

MONDAY: Stevie Nicks & Lindsay Buckingham — “Twisted”
(from Twister [Music from the Motion Picture]) — Twisted

TUESDAY: Chris Wall — “Three Across” (from Tainted Angel) — Three

WEDNESDAY: Santana featuring Chris Daughtry — “Photograph”
(from Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time) — Photograph

THURSDAY: Patti LaBelle & Kristine W — “Land of the Living”
(from Classic Moments) — Land

FRIDAY: INXS — “Beautiful Girl”
(from Shine Like It Does: The Anthology (1979-1997) ) — Beautiful

SATURDAY: Cyndi Lauper — “A Part Hate”
(from Hat Full of Stars) — A

SUNDAY: Leona Lewis — “Brave” (from Echo) — Brave - Echo (Deluxe Version)


Leona Lewis — “Brave” (from Echo) — Brave - Echo (Deluxe Version)

For reasons that completely escape my comprehension, Lewis’ powerhouse sophomore album — an unexpectedly brilliant leap past an already-fabulous debut — has failed entirely to connect with audiences on this side of the pond. A tantalizing taste of what these foolish mortals are missing: Miss Leona, in full dazzling diva mode (replete with high-flying vocal acrobatics to die for) but masquerading as the meek ugly duckling and credibly selling an astonishingly powerful anthem of insecurity and of the suffocating struggle to overcome devastating doubt.