the Buzz for October 9th, 2010


Amanda Marshall — “Sittin’ On Top of the World”
(from Amanda Marshall) — Sitting

Among those things the facts of which we as a nation should feel profound shame and remorse: the inventions of Crystal Pepsi, canned hominy, and that horrifying rump roast dress that Lady GaGa wore to the MTV Awards last month; the hard-to-justify rises to fame of Pauly Shore, Perez Hilton, and whichever wacked-out butcher-slash-tailor thunk up said horrifying dress; and our utter (and utterly criminal) failure, as a collective music-consuming public, to make this gorgeous gal — who crossed over from Canada in the fall of 1996 and spent the next six years futilely attempting to carve out a place for herself in the suddenly crowded arena of female pop — our next major star when we had the chance.