Chris Wall — “Three Across” (from Tainted Angel) — Three

The Buzz is in a small-town Texas mood this morning, and with good reason: the hands-down finest series currently airing on prime-time television — NBC and DirecTV’s magnificent masterpiece Friday Night Lights, an intense, all-heart, profoundly powerful study in societal and emotional contrasts within a football-obsessed burg in the Lone Star state — returns for its fifth (and, sniff, final) season tomorrow night on DirecTV’s the 101 channel (ahead of an NBC run in spring 2011), and as though my iPod magically knew all of this was taking place, it sent up toward my ears yesterday in a shuffle this tune, a sweetly superb dissection of life in the sticks. The story writes itself: boy loves girl, girl loves boy’s best friend, Bo and Luke comfort boy from TV land, and boy finds it difficult to decide which side of the fork — left (leaving behind the comforts of home for the old, cold real world) or right (staying put while the old, cold real world slowly invades anyhow) — to traverse.

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