Patty Griffin — “Let Him Fly” (from Living With Ghosts) — Let

Look up the word glorious in the dictionary and you’ll get Griffin comin’ back atcha every last time. Miss Patty appeared on last night’s episode of Austin City Limits — check your local PBS listings if you missed it; the show will repeat all week — to promote her latest record (the gorgeous Downtown Church), and watching it, I was reminded of the last time I saw her on the program, seven years ago, when she tore the house down with a stirring, shattering rendition of this instant classic from her startling, sterling debut album. (PS: If you’re reading these words right now and you’re thinking, Oh, you mean that Dixie Chicks song? then your all-access Buzz pass is hereby revoked.)

2 responses to “it’d take an acrobat (and I already tried all that)
(or: october 17’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from Blake Boldt:

    Patty Griffin + Spring 2007 + Ryman Auditorium —> Heaven

    Would I be able to request Patty Loveless for a future installment?



  2. the buzz from brandon:

    Yes you may. 🙂