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I have no idea why no one else online seems to have gotten their hands on this nugget of information, so I’m breaking big soap casting news right here on Brandon’s Buzz tonight: I’m thrilled to announce that one of the Buzz’s favorite actors, the magnificently dashing Gordon Thomson (with whom I had a riveting two-hour chat back in January on Brandon’s Buzz Radio, and who will likely be returning to my hot seat sometime in May), has just joined the cast of “Days of Our Lives” in a recurring role. Thomson — best known as slick, sinister Adam Carrington on the ’80s classic primetime soap “Dynasty,” and as the finest and most wittily erudite of the three Mason Capwells on the late, great “Santa Barbara” — will be portraying Walter, the father of Owen, the mysterious new character being played by Latter Days star (and “Guiding Light” alum) Wes Ramsey. As of now, Thomson is only slated for five episodes, but is hopeful that the role will be expanded. (A first airdate is not yet known; Gordon relayed to me that he has just begun filming, so Walter should show up in Salem just in time for some May sweeps madness.)


Here’s all I know: I’ve scarcely been able to sit through an entire episode of “Days” in the last decade or better, but if anyone can impel me to sit through (no fewer than) five hours of that sad shell of a show, it’s the brilliant Thomson, whose crisp, clipped diction and inimitable way with a bon mot made me a “Santa Barbara” fan all over again in the early ’90s and got me through the last year or so of “Sunset Beach” in the later ones. It thrills me no end to be the first to say: Welcome the hell back, Gordon. We’ve missed you, sir. Somethin’ fierce.


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  1. the buzz from A.:

    Congratulations once more, Brandon! What exciting news! This is a great, great development that is perhaps the best “present” the Buzz could get for its first blogiversary! It speaks not only to great timing but great commitment. May there be more breaking news to come!

    On Wes Ramsey: Having seen Latter Days, I could have never imagined him on a soap opera; it will be interesting to check him out in that role.

  2. the buzz from brandon:

    A, my beloved, Wes Ramsey started on a soap opera! His big break came in 2000 when he was cast as Sam Spencer on “Guiding Light”!