the Buzz for April 19th, 2009


Believe it or not, today — April 19, 2009 — marks the first full year of the Buzz’s existence.

Twelve months ago, after several years of begging and hounding, my great computer-savvy pal Mike — whose knowledge of HTML literally knows no bounds — finally talked me into taking the plunge and starting a blog.  I was dubious at the beginning that I would be able to come up with enough interesting musings to last more than a couple of weeks, but Mike worked so hard setting all this greatness up that I couldn’t not give it a real shot.  When the Buzz finally went live on April 19, 2008, Mike made me vow an output of no fewer than ten posts in exchange for all his toil and trouble.  (I also offered to buy him dinner, which I’m embarrassed to say I have yet to make good on.)

And here we are, 365 days, 239 posts (counting this one, natch), 11,820 pageviews, 307 reader comments, 1134 tags, 42 record store reports, a gaggle of great new online pals, a passel of pissed-off Claymates, and one hell of a kick-ass radio show (if I do say so myself!) down the road, and I’m pleased to say that what began as a silly experiment exactly one year ago has succeeded far beyond my wildest imaginings, and I appreciate any and all of you who have come along for the crazy ride.

As always, profound thanks go to Mike, the brilliant architect of this blog who, even one year on, never fails to leap into action whenever I come up with some widget or format tweak or idea I’d like to implement on a sleepless night (and who, more importantly, never fails to do so with good humor).  You’re an angel, Mike, and you’re one hundred percent of the reason this site looks as fabulous as it does.  Thanks also to A, the love of my life, whose generous way of hanging on his deranged boyfriend’s every written word (even when said boyfriend is annoying him by dividing his attention between watching Hyacinth and writing said words) is nothing short of uplifting.  (Would that these words will always command your rapt attention, sir.)  And to the sensational Sherry Ann, the best friend a guy could ever have.

Here’s hoping year two is every bit as much fun, and challenging, and fulfilling as the one just ended.