the Buzz for April 13th, 2009



Call it the Easter hangover: after a few action-packed weeks, it’s awfully slow out there in your local record store this Tuesday. Consider it a blessing, because if you’re like me, there’s a huge stack of CDs near your stereo awaiting your attention, and you’ll have plenty of time this week to attack it.


Their much-buzzed-about 2007 debut Carnavas produced the rock radio smash “Lazy Eye,” but I must confess that, heretofore, the moody, grungy work of Silversun Pickups has only succeeded in going right over my head. (Listening to Nikki Monninger’s affected vocals on that album, all I found myself thinking was, “Hole and Veruca Salt really did this kind of stuff much, much better in the ’90s.”) The Pickups take a second stab at winning me over this week with their sophomore effort Swoon, which is led by the frenetic first single “Panic Switch,” which is kinda fun for the first sixty seconds or so but quickly devolves into a sad, pallid facsimile of Machina-era Smashing Pumpkins (which itself was a sad, pallid facsimile of Siamese Dream-era Smashing Pumpkins).