Belinda Carlisle — “Heaven is a Place On Earth”
(from Her Greatest Hits) — Heaven Is a Place On Earth - Belinda Carlisle: Her Greatest Hits

A few days back, with the help of our local Redbox, A and I took in a screening of last fall’s box-office underachiever Love and Other Drugs, and while the film’s plot — basically, Sherry Ann’s second-favorite Gyllenhaal is a cocky prescription drug salesman who falls head over heels for a girl afflicted with Parkinson’s disease — is little more than a flimsy excuse to stare uncomfortably at Anne Hathaway’s boobies (and lots of other girls’ too!) for two solid hours, the film’s music cues were a marvel to behold, what with the Spin Doctors’ long forgotten ’90s classic “Two Princes” opening the show, and what is very possibly the only Regina Spektor song (“Fidelity”) you can sit through thirty seconds of without feeling the need to go heave closing it, as well as visits in between from a lovely former Honey from the Hive contestant, and from the single greatest contribution Miss Belinda Carlisle ever made to the art of popular music. You’ll never make me believe that “Heaven” isn’t one of the ten greatest records ever made, and so, in honor of Record Store Day, I can scarcely think of a better tune than this one to blast from your speakers this fine afternoon.

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