the Buzz for April 3rd, 2011


Mel McDaniel — “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On”
(from Greatest Hits) — Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On - Mel McDaniel: Greatest Hits

The news hasn’t received a great deal of ink this weekend, so had I not caught something about it on Twitter Saturday afternoon, I likely would have missed entirely the tragic passing of McDaniel, who died on Thursday after a long battle with lung cancer. I have long contended that 1984 is the finest year for music in the history of recorded sound, and I generally mean pop music when I make that proclamation, but don’t think for a second that country didn’t put together a smashing set of twelve months back then as well: with The Judds busting through to megastardom, and iconic tunes like “That’s the Way Love Goes” (ah, Merle) and “I Got Mexico”
(God bless you, Eddy Raven!) and “You Look So Good in Love” (arguably, the one that really sent George’s career Strait into orbit) and “Islands in the Stream” all making their indelible marks in radio land, ’twas a hell of a year in Nashville, and for no one more than this quintessential good ol’ boy, who exploded back up the charts with this simple (and sinfully catchy) little ditty about nothing more than his favorite gal’s dashing figure. (Hey, it’s three chords and the truth, but nobody ever said the truth had to be depressing!
Fare thee well, Mel.)