the Buzz for April 19th, 2011


Paul Simon — “Old” (from You’re the One) — Old - You're the One

In a text message the day before yesterday, Sherry Ann reminded me that it was the twentieth anniversary of the release of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” and, because we were high school sophomores the year of that tune’s inception, she decided to connect all the dots and drop the following bomb upon my head: “We are soooo damn old!” (Funny enough, I wasn’t nearly the Nirvana freak that she was back in the day, so this milestone doesn’t make me feel as ancient as next year’s 25th anniversary of Faith or the impending 30th anniversary of Colour By Numbers — which I still can vividly recall begging my father to drive me up to TG&Y to buy on a snowy February day in 1984 — almost certainly will.) Old is a sliding scale, too: on this very day three years ago, Brandon’s Buzz was born, and there are moments when it feels as though these 676 blog posts, 569 post comments, 2100 post tags, and 98 site pages have flown past in a fleeting fingersnap, and yet others when it feels like my typing fingers have been toiling away here forever. (As always, most profound thanks to all who have come along for this crazy, silly ride, and here’s hoping that the next three years are every inch as much fun as the first three.)