Prince and the New Power Generation (featuring Rosie Gaines)
“Diamonds and Pearls” (from The Very Best of Prince) — Diamonds and Pearls (Edit) - The Very Best of Prince

Because it was the decade in which he (temporarily, thankfully for us all) went batshit nuts — and because his work in the previous decade has indeed proven to be every bit as indelible and unforgettable as we all suspected it would be at the time — Prince’s ’90s output hardly ever gets the credit it deserves for its ingenuity and creativity. (How long has it been since you spun “Thieves in the Temple” or “The Holy River” or even “Money Don’t Matter 2Night”? Will you be as flabbergasted as I am about how fresh they still sound?) Gaines and her spot-on pipes singlehandedly land this pleasant little trifle in the win column; don’t even try to convince me that you don’t sing right along when she explodes into “Pearls'” dynamic, rapturously glorious bridge.

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(or: dee to the eye to the ay to the emm!)
(or: march 25’s honey from the hive)”

  1. the buzz from Blake Boldt:

    Yes. I was the tender age of 7 when this first hit the airwaves. After she started singing, I was like, “Whoaaaaa?!” and “Wow!!” and “Who is sheeee?”