the Buzz for March 31st, 2011


Christina Perri — “Jar of Hearts” (from Jar of Hearts) — Jar of Hearts - Single - Christina Perri

[EDITOR’S NOTE: I’ve been recovering from a brutally taxing two-week stretch at work, hence this space’s unexpected silence over the past few days. But A caught a piece of this video on VH1 some time ago and was instantly captivated, and he has been driving me batty with his love of this song ever since, so I have offered him this forum to expound on his latest musical obsession, and, for once, he has accepted the invitation. So, while I don’t love this one nearly as much as he does, I nonetheless couldn’t be more thrilled to present you with this tiny drop of honey from my beloved’s hive:]

My new favorite song is everything that a dramatic ditty should be: aching, arcing melody; deep, sweeping piano and orchestral accompaniment; and thoughtful (and, at times, even witty) lyrics. I was drawn in from moment one by the measured, subdued pace; the serious, strong timbre of Perri’s voice; and the well-placed and well-executed crescendos. Simply brilliant.