Everything But the Girl — “25th December”
(from Amplified Heart) — 25th December - Amplified Heart (Bonus Track Version)

Sadly, my all time favorite Christmas song — Tori Amos’ riveting take on “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” released, oddly, in the summer of ’98 as a b-side to the European single for “Spark” — remains unavailable on iTunes, so consequently — even though I chose a song from this very band (and album) just last week — I’m forced to go with my second-favorite Christmas song, this powerfully earnest stunner from the brilliant Ben Watt, the understated cry in whose voice serves as a potent reminder to the inherent redemptive power of the season. (By the way, the entire team here at Brandon’s Buzz wishes all of our readers the merriest — and most musically satisfying, natch — of Christmases.)

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